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Telecom Contractor Services


The Telephone Guy provides local support for national service firms who have clients in Hampton Roads and Eastern Virginia, where the ability to handle all telecom issues due to years of experience make The Telephone Guy a better choice than EVERY other locally available independent provider.¬† The Telephone Guy has extensive experience with all aspects of the industry and can handle telecom/data issues from basic tip and ring analog lines to key systems and PBX’s and all the way to installing hosted and cloud based services for voice and data projects.


Standard Hourly Rate
Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm

Basic Rate: $85 an hour
(Negotiable On Per Project Basis)

Emergency Rate: $125 an hour
(same day response at agreed to time)

Overtime Rates

Overtime Rate: $125 an hour
(Monday – Thursday before 8am – after 5pm)

Overtime Rate: $150 an hour
(Friday after 5pm through Monday 8am – pending tech availability)

Travel charges are discussed before each dispatch, and average charges can be anywhere from a low of $30 to $55 for local travel , NOTE: The Google mileage to a distination DOES NOT reflect actual Hampton Roads travel time. Longer Distances are billed at $75/hour.


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